Arnold Classic

Cedric McMillan Wins Arnold Classic For Career-Defining Victory

Cedric McMillan of Heath Springs, South Carolina outlasted fast-rising Dallas “Big Country” McCarver of Blue Goose, Tenn., to win the prestigious Arnold Classic for the first time and finally notch the career-defining victory that has long eluded the popular eight-year IFBB Pro League veteran. McMillan finished second to Kai Greene last year and had finished in the top 6 in Columbus in each of the past four years,

McMillan received congratulations from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a check for $130,000, a Tony Nowak Official Champions Jacket and the champion’s trophy from Catherine Colle of Midway Labs USA and Jeff Howe of Optimum Nutrition.

McCarver, 25, who many believe is on a fast-track to the top of the sport, received $75,000 and a medal from ROGUE Fitness and BSN.

Maxx Charles, an upstart pro from Huntington, New York, was third and received $50,000 from Muscle & Fitness Magazine and The Columbus Dispatch. Charles was seventh in his Arnold Classic debut in 2016.

Lionel Beyeke of France was fourth and received $30,000 from Animal and Ultimate Nutrition. The finish was his best in three appearances in the Arnold Classic.

Juan “Diesel” Morel of Deer Park, New York was fifth and received $15,000 from Rule One Proteins and Complete Nutrition. Morel was sixth in his Arnold Classic debut in 2016.

Fouad “Hoss” Abiad of Canada, competing in thee Arnold Classic for the fourth time, was sixth and received $10,000 from Muscle Egg and Generation Iron. His previous best finish was 10th in 2013.

Also competing and finishing seventh through 10th, respectively, were Michael Lockett of Cleveland, Ohio; Luke Sandoe of the United Kingdom; Vitaly Fateev of Russia; and Will Harris of Los Angeles, Calif.

2017 Competitors

Fouad Abiad
Lionel Beyeke
Maxx Charles
Vitaly Fateev
Will Harris
Michael Lockett
Dallas McCarver
Cedric McMillan
Juan Morel
Luke Sandoe

Arnold Classic Champions

1989: Rich Gaspari
1990: Mike Ashley
1991: Shawn Ray
1992: Vince Taylor
1993: Flex Wheeler
1994: Kevin Levrone
1995: Michael Francois
1996: Kevin Levrone
1997: Flex Wheeler
1998: Flex Wheeler
1999: Nasser El Sonbaty
2000: Flex Wheeler
2001: Ronnie Coleman
2002: Jay Cutler
2003: Jay Cutler

2004: Jay Cutler
2005: Dexter Jackson
2006: Dexter Jackson
2007: Victor Martinez
2008: Dexter Jackson
2009: Kai Greene
2010: Kai Greene
2011: Branch Warren
2012: Branch Warren
2013: Dexter Jackson
2014: Dennis Wolf
2015: Dexter Jackson
2016: Kai Greene
2017: Cedric McMillan