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Mikhail Volinkin of Uzbekistan won the overall men's bodybuilding chamionship as more than 600 of top amateur competitors from around the world competed in 10 divisions at the 12th Annual Arnold Amateur NPC International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championships at Battelle Grand and the Greater Columbus Convention Center March 2-4, 2017 as a part of the Arnold Sports Festival. 

2018 Overall Winners

Men’s Bodybuilding: Mikhail Volinkin of Uzbekistan
Classic Physique: Lucas Disanti of ­USA
Men’s Physique: Kevin Nguyen of USA
Women’s Physique – Christelle Zarovska of Netherlands
Fitness: Milica Narancic of USA
Figure: Lola Montez of Canada
Masters Figure: Andrea Green USA
Bikini Sonia Lewis of USA
Masters Bikini – Nadirah Baldwin of USA

2018 Arnold Amateur Results

“Athletes represented 55 different countries this year making it one of the biggest international events of its kind,” said Bob Lorimer, president of Classic Productions Inc. and the event’s co-producer along with Mike Davies of Mike Davies Fitness Universe. “We are fortunate to collaborate with a fantastic partner in Jim Manion, president of the Nation Physique Committee who helps us bring together many talented competitors.” 

The 2018 Arnold Amateur served as an official pro qualifier for the IFBB Pro League. Overall winners in Men’s Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s and Women’s Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini received professional status to compete in the IFBB Pro League and automatic invites to compete I IFBB Pro League events at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. Raphael Ray (615) and Ashley Blair (191) also received pro status for finishing second overall in men’s physique and bikini, respectively.

Previous Arnold Amateur winners who have competed as professionals include: Paul Poloczek, Kate Errington, Cong Mou, Priscila Cavilha, Lukas Wyler, Giorgia Fiorini, Janaina Ferreira da Silva, Matthias Botthof, Essa Obaid, Roelly Winklaar, Tarek Ellsetorhi, Diana Monteiro, Elena Shportun, Marie Garmen Gomez, Sylvia Tremblay and Noemi Olah.

Overall winners received tickets to the Arnold Classic finals and were recognized on stage and photographed with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Overall winners also received a specially-designed Cardillo USA Weightbelt and 6 Pack Fitness Backpacks courtesy of Gaspari Nutrition. Class winners received Tony Nowak Arnold Classic champions jacket while the top five in each class received trophies.

Overall winners received tickets to the Arnold Classic finals and were recognized on stage and photographed with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The winners of each weight or height class received a Tony Nowak Arnold Classic jacket. The top five competitors in each weight or height class received trophies.

Official DVDs & Video

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2018 Arnold Amateur Overall Winners

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