Martial Arts Festival

Attention Martial Arts Participants,

The Arnold Classic Production, Inc. and Arnold Sports Festival are pleased to officially appoint Grandmaster Joon P. Choi as chairman of the Arnold Martial Arts Festival (AMAF) from 2018 and beyond. 

The Arnold Martial Arts Festival will be open to various disciplines and styles of martial arts within but not limited to Korean Martial Arts such as Taekwondo, Japanese Martial Arts such as Karate, and Chinese Martial Arts such as Wushu Kung Fu; but will not include full contact MMA (“Mixed Martial Arts”), Jiu Jitsu gi- or no-gi grappling adult submission competition, Muay Thai, or amateur or professional boxing.

Grandmaster Joon P. Choi and the Arnold Sports Festival began their partnership in 2001 with the inaugural Arnold Battle of Columbus Martial Arts Festival held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

We are confident that Grandmaster Joon P. Choi’s expertise, experience, and organizational skills will transform this historical event into a tremendous success and that the Festival will contribute to the unity of martial arts communities throughout the world. The Arnold Martial Arts Festival will truly provide a platform upon which to promote the diversity and noble principles of martial arts across the globe through this partnership.

Directed by the Oriental Martial Arts College and Master Andy Choi, the Arnold Martial Arts Festival will bring together martial artists from around the world representing various styles and disciplines in a harmonious environment in which they will compete for the title of Arnold Martial Arts World Champions! We look forward to working with Grandmaster Choi and all the leaders of the martial arts disciplines representing martial arts and martial artists throughout the world.


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