Jump Rope

The Arnold World Jump Rope Championships continues its fifth year of Competitive Jump Rope on Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4 at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival.

Jumping rope can benefit agility, coordination and endurance, in addition to weight loss and improvement in heart health. “The beauty of jumping rope is that it is inexpensive, because you need minimal equipment and space to work out,” said Rochelle Boggs, Event Director.

Here at the Arnold Sports Festival, you will see the best Power Double Under jumpers in the world. You will feel a part of the excitement of Speed and Power jumping as well as experience the beauty and creativity of Freestyle single rope and double dutch jumping during the many spectacular shows.

Competitions will be conducted with gender and age divisions for Single Rope Speed, Pairs Double Under, Speed Double dutch and Double dutch speed relay.

Other highlights include the Arnold Fastest Jumpers FINAL Elimination Tournament and demonstrations throughout the weekend by the World Jump Rope Ambassadors team.

The Arnold World Jump Rope Championships are organized by World Jump Rope.