Arnold Summit

The Arnold Summitt will feature seminars, workshops, contests, challenges and workshops by a variety fo companies, products and brands.

Presenters and Sponsors:
Host a 50-minute (seminar, workout, special event, contest/challenge, workshop, etc.)  This is an exciting opportunity for your company (or you as a presenter) to share your passion and knowledge with participants. Educate and motivate others while promoting your company, product, brand or service through seminars, presentations, workouts, and/or workshops.

More Information

Sample topics could include information on: 

* health, fitness, wellness, and anti-aging
* sports medicine
* nutrition and supplements
* motivation and leadership skills
* building your business via marketing, social media, branding 
* sports performance
* strength and conditioning
* CrossFit, martial arts, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, weightlifting, Pilates or yoga
* skills and drills
* group workouts/intervals
* meet and greets
* new product or service launch
* media and press conferences

The Arnold Summit is a great opportunity for a product launch with some of the best marketers and promoters of leading fitness organizations and equipment companies.

* Time slots are in 50 minutes bloc; more time may be available if needed.
* Days and times are on a first come, first served basis.

Pricing Options 
Room may be included as part of a sponsor package; a flat room rate or a percentage of sales. 

Additional Marketing and Promotional Opportunities Post Event
Availability of an elite team of producers and videographers will be on hand to film presentations, seminars, workouts, and workshops.

These videos may be used to distribute to your partners, affiliates and to be posted on social media as well as for online distribution or to launch your brand on The ASF TV network/ channel.  Have your seminar shown on The ASF TV network; options can include one entire seminar or a seminar broken down into segments/episodes.

More Information:
Rob Fletcher