Arnold Transformation Challenge

We want your story of YOUR transformation, whether it is with the help of a trainer or on your own.

The Arnold Sports Festival is searching for the trainer, instructor, coach or individual with the most empowering story of transformation. Finalists will have opportunity to appear live at the 2017 Arnold Transformation Challenge at 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 4 in B230 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

2017 Arnold Transformation Challenge Guest Speakers

Ava Diamond of Queen Be

Alan Gore of Bodycraft

Gary Reinl

Dr. Nicholas DiNubile of ACE


* Adult male / adult female, 18 years old and above
* Teen, ages 13-17
* Youth,  ages 8-12

2. Set a plan with your trainer/coach/instructor.
3. Take “before” photos from the front and the side. Photos MUST be high resolution.
4. Send us your story ~ write a brief overview of why you needed to make this change.
5. OPTIONAL: We encourage participants to make a short 1-3 minute video sharing your story, explaining why this change was needed. Include how you felt at this time (i.e., confidence, self-esteem, energy, adversity or challenges).
6. On the final date, send us new “after” pics (high resolution) and a video of your transformation.  Be sure to also include your “before” pics. Finalists will be notified by email or phone.
7. ASF judges and panel members will select the most moving, empowering and inspirational stories of transformation.

Registration Fees

* Tier I $50.00 ( registration if you are taking the challenge on your own. This will not include trainer profile.)
* Tier II $100.00 (registration for trainer/client. This will include trainer profile)

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Thoughts for your before and after story should include:

* how you look and feel right now.
* your quality of life.
* what your unhealthy habits are.
* changes would you like to see.
* your energy level.
* why you need and want this change in your life.

**It is important for others to feel what you are going through. This will inspire and encourage others. With the help of a trainer, coach or instructor they too can change, and transform their own lives.

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