POWER X returns for the third straight year at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2017 with the National Championship competition taking place at the Ohio Expo Center Saturday, March 4, 2017.

POWER X combines muscular endurance and explosive strength. Athletes perform three types of lifts; the Power Clean, Bench Press and Deadlift. They can perform each lift up to 20 repetitions or three minutes, whichever comes first for each lift. Athletes get a five-minute rest between each lift type.  Scores are calculated by multiplying the reps performed by the weight on the bar.  The winner is determined by the lifter with the highest combined weight total of all three lifts.

POWER X athletes compete in eight bodyweight classes and six age groups, last year’s competitors ranged in age from 16-60 years old.

Visit www.powerx.us and the POWER X Arnold Web site for more information and to register. All competitors must meet qualifying totals prior to the competition. Please check the posted weight class totals on the POWER X web site.