Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award – Betty Weider
Arnold Sports Festival promoters Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and James J. Lorimer present a Lifetime Achievement Award to an individual who has made notable contributions to the fitness industry, and offered a lifetime of service to the enhancement of sports performance and promotion. They are proud to announce that the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Betty Weider.

Mrs. Weider has been at the forefront of health and fitness since the 1960s. She is the co-founder of Shape magazine, the nation’s first and most popular publication for women’s fitness and health. From her long-running articles in industry magazines and her exercise books, Betty has garnered international acclaim for her ability to change women’s perceptions of their bodies. She has been instrumental in helping women understand the importance of a healthy diet in addition to exercise. Along with her husband Joe Weider, Betty has created and maintained a towering legacy in the health and fitness world. The Arnold Sports Festival is honored to recognize her with the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.


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