Charles 'The Tank' Dixon

Division: IFBB Pro 212 Bodybuilding

Turned Pro: 2007

Height / Weight: 5-4 / 198 lbs.

Age: 45

Location: Greenville, South Carolina USA

Growing up, Charles Dixon enjoyed playing sports like football, baseball, basketball and track. He started weight training at the early age of 8 years old.  His dad was very passionate about fitness and he bought Charles a weight set as a birthday present.  He was so obsessed with the weights his dad took them away believing too much lifting could stunt his growth.

His favorite sport was football.  He earned a scholarship to play at Carson Newman College. A standout running back, he also spent time building his physique in the gym.

After college Dixon was introduced to bodybuilding by pro bodybuilder and friend Mark Hudson. It wasn’t long that the training routine and nutritional plan made him contest ready.  Dixon won 1st at the 2003 NPC Junior USA, his first junior competition.

He spent the next few years training for the NPC USA championships in 2006 where he finished in a disappointing 9th.  His placing was a wake-up call. He knew he’d would have to step his game up if he wanted to make bodybuilding a career.

In 2007, ‘The Tank’ took to the stage again at the NPC National Championships. This time winning first place and his pro card. 

Known for his wide back, possibly the widest the sport has ever seen, he’s been compared to Franco Columbu due to his extremely wide clavicles.

Now in his 40’s, Dixon is still holding his own next to bodybuilders half his age. He even advises other 40+ year old bodybuilders on how to maintain aesthetics with safer training techniques to avoid injury.

Past Results

Event Place
2018 Arnold Classic 212 2
2017 Arnold Classic 212 7
2017 Olympia 212 8
2016 Olympia 212 7
2016 Arnold Classic 212 6
2016 Europa Phoenix Pro 212 1
2015 St. Louis Pro 212 1
2015 Olympia 212 7
2015 Arnold Classic 212 5
2015 Europa Phoenix Pro 212 1
2014 Olympia 212 10
2014 Arnold Classic 212 6
2014 Chicago Pro 212 1
2013 Europa Orlando Pro 212 6
2013 New York Pro 212 10
2013 Europa Phoenix Pro 212 4
2012 Valenti Gold Cup 3
2011 Muscle Heat Pro 202 8
2011 Iowa Pro 6
2009 Jacksonville Pro 4
2009 Olympia 202 11
2009 Europa Dallas Pro 202 2
2008 New York Pro 10
2008 Olympia 202 10
2008 New York Pro 202 4
2007 NPC National Championships 1
Charles 'The Tank' Dixon