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September 27, 2021

Nick “The Mutant” Walker Wins First Arnold Classic Title In Debut

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Nick “The Mutant” Walker of New Jersey won his first Arnold Classic title in his Columbus debut when he beat Iain Valliere of Canada and Steve Kuclo of Texas on Saturday, Sept. 25 at the 2021 Arnold Classic.

It was the second professional victory for Walker, who took home the New York Pro this summer after earning IFBB Pro League status by winning the overall at the 2020 NPC North Americans.

Walker received congratulations from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a check for $130,000 and the champion’s trophy from Ian Bell of MUTANT.

Valliere, also making his Arnold Classic debut, earned $75,000 for second place and Kuclo earned $50,000 for third. Rounding out the Top Six were Justin Rodriguez ($30,000), Akim Williams ($15,000) and Sergio Oliva Jr. ($10,000).

The 2021 Arnold Classic, originally scheduled for March, was held Sept. 24-25 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The event included the Arnold Classic men’s open bodybuilding championships, Arnold Classic Physique, Fitness International and Bikini International.

Ronnie Coleman, the 2001 Arnold Classic champion and one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Schwarzenegger before giving a touching and emotional acceptance speech and receiving a standing ovation from the near sold-out crowd.

Other champions included Missy Truscott of Seattle, Wash., who earned $25,000 and the champion’s trophy from Jan Tana of JanTana for winning the Fitness International for the second straight year; Terrence Ruffin , who earned $7,000 when he moved up from second in 2020 to win the Arnold Classic Physique title for the first time; and Jennifer Dorie of Canada who pulled a mild upset to win her first Bikini International title and $7,000.

Complete Results & Prize Money

2021 Arnold Classic

  1. Nick Walker, $130,000
  2. Iain Valliere, $75,000
  3. Steve Kuclo, $50,000
  4. Justin Rodriquez, $30,000
  5. Akim Williams, $15,000
  6. Sergio Oliva Jr., $10,000
  7. Mokhamed El Emam, $2,000
  8. Maxx Charles, $2,000
  9. Hassan Mostafa, $2,000
  10. Seung Chul Lee, $2,000

Franco Columbu Most Muscular Award: Nick Walker
Ed Corney Best Posing Award: Sergio Oliva Jr.

2021 Arnold Classic Physique

  1. Terrence Ruffin, $7,000
  2. Alex Cambronero, $4,000
  3. Logan Franklin, $3,000
  4. Courage Opara, $2,000
  5. Bryan Jones, $1,000
  6. Fabian Mayr, $1,000
  7. Dani Younan
  8. Peter Molnar
  9. Tony Taveras
  10. Jarek Crew

Best Posing Award Presented By Dr. Morales of Fit Doc: Logan Franklin

2021 Fitness International

  1. Missy Truscott, $25,000
  2. Oksana Grishina, $13,000
  3. Ariel Khadr, $8,000
  4. Jaclyn Baker, $5,000
  5. Aurika Tyrgale, $3,000
  6. Darrian Borello, $2,000
  7. Minna Pajulahti
  8. Sally Kendall-Williams

2021 Bikini International

  1. Jennifer Dorie, $7,000
  2. Elisa Pecini, $4,000
  3. Lauralie Chapados, $3,000
  4. Ashley Kaltwasser, $2,000
  5. Romina Basauldo, $1,000
  6. Breena Martinez, $1,000
  7. Jasmine Gonzalez
  8. Jourdanne Lee
  9. Gabrielle Messias
  10. Priscilla Leimbacher