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August 19, 2021

MUTANT® has joined the list of top sponsors for the 2021 Arnold Classic

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Arnold Sports Festival is proud to announce that MUTANT® has joined the list of top sponsors for the 2021 Arnold Classic.

The Arnold Sports Festival, the largest sports festival in the world, has long been an apolitical organization. As the Governor says, “Fitness is for everyone.”

No matter your creed, color, religion, or political beliefs, the Arnold Sports Festival welcomes you with open arms. Recently, however, one of our sponsors decided that they could no longer support the Arnold Classic after Arnold Schwarzenegger said that freedom comes with responsibility.

In light of these recent developments, we are proud to announce MUTANT® Nutrition as our newest sponsor.

"We thank MUTANT® for their long-time dedication and support of the Arnold Classic, our athletes, fans and the sport of bodybuilding, especially during these difficult times caused but the coronavirus pandemic," Schwarzenegger said. "But we know that the Arnold Classic will be back bigger, better and most importantly safer than ever thanks to partners like MUTANT®."

MUTANT® and its top spokesman, Hall Of Fame bodybuilder and former Arnold Classic champion Shawn Ray, will be a top sponsor when the 2021 Arnold Classic is held on Saturday, Sept. 25 in Columbus, Ohio.

“Mutant® is United by Muscle. The love of the iron is what draws us ALL, to the gyms all around the world.  And this is your planet – your time – and your lifestyle. Mutant is all about the camaraderie of the gym – a lesson learned, from those who preceded all of us – a camaraderie that is open to all, regardless of who you are or where you come from," said Jim McMahon, CEO of Mutant® and Mutant Nation®. "This is a new era – and we’re happy to continue to promote the goodness of fitness, bodybuilding and being united, as we all lift and Leave Humanity Behind™."

MUTANT® Nutrition, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is a subsidiary of Fit Foods Ltd, a world-class manufacturer of their own nutritional supplements, specializing in powders. Its extensive variety of products and formulas has earned it international recognition for superior-tasting quality products, and a leading position in the marketplace. Fit Foods brands are distributed worldwide in 70+ countries.

The Arnold Classic, Arnold Classic Physique, Fitness International and Bikini International will attract the world’s best bodybuilders and the fittest men and women on the planet to Columbus to battle for $412,000 in prize money.

The Arnold Classic, Arnold Classic Physique, Fitness International and Bikini International will be held on Saturday, Sept. 25 at the Battelle Grand at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Finals will begin at 7 p.m. Prejudging will be held at 10a.m.

More information and to purchase tickets to the 2021 Arnold Classic please use the button below.

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