MAS Wrestling

MAS Wrestling returns to the Arnold Sports Festival for a seventh year with the 2021 ROGUE® Arnold Classic Cup International MAS Wrestling Tournament.

The event will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on the Concourse Stage and Arnold Fitness EXPO Stage.

“MAS Wrestling, or stick pulling, is an ancient sport from Russia”, said Odd Haugen, event director.

In this unique test of strength, two athletes sit opposite each other and try to pull the stick out of their opponent’s hands or drag their opponent over the wooden divider.  The feet rest against this divider, but other part of the body must not make contact with the board.  The matches as quick and explosive, demanding great strength from the hands, legs, abdominals and back.

The tournament will feature three weight categories for men and two for women;  MEN’s weight categories are  Lightweight -85kg (-187lb); Middleweight -105kg (-231lb); and Heavyweight +105kg (+231lb)  and WOMEN’s weight categories are Lightweight -70kg (-154lb), and  Heavyweight +70kg (+154lb).  Weight categories with 2 or less athletes merged with next higher weight category; weight categories with 3-5 athletes conducted in Round Robin format; and weight categories with 6 or more athletes conducted in Double Elimination format.

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