Ultimate Teen Challenge

Calling all teens! Please join us for  The Ultimate Teen Challenge 2021, at the Arnold. Teens can compete individually and/or teams of two in strength, agility and speed competitions to win various awards and much more. The overall Mens and Womens Teen will win a grand prize. Our 6 + exciting events range from the accelerated Bench Press competition, to weighted Sled Push, Slam Ball Toss and more to the GRONK ZONE-Fit Circuit. (Events are subject to change.) All contenders are provided with event descriptions at Registration or prior to Main Event.

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Join The Ultimate Teen Challenge and embody the most thrilling atmosphere, where teen athletes rally together to help elevate the awareness and importance of life long health and fitness, regardless of age.

Test Your Strength, Agility, and Speed

  • Fun & Exciting!
  • Raise awareness for life long health and fitness
  • Unique contest & giveaways for all participants
  • Special Celebrity Guest Appearance
  • Ultimate Teen Challenge Overall Winner both Male & Female get GRAND PRIZE
  • Eligibility: All teens must have proof of age. (Driver’s license, drivers permit, birth certificate or school ID’s are acceptable forms for proof of age.)

Scoring System: The reps and times from each event will be totaled for an overall score. The best OVERALL score wins the competition. Individual scores are based on competitors body weight.

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