Women's Physique

Coelho Wins Women’s Physique Crown

Natalia Abraham Coelho, who was born in New York, New York and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, received the champion’s trophy from Arnold Schwarzenegger and $5,000, a Tony Nowak Official Champions Jackets and congratulations from Carol Zawadzki of Midway Labs USA and Sarah Teeter of Optimum Nutrition.

The remainder of the Women’s Physique International top six:

  • 2nd place: Sheronica Henton received $2,000 and a trophy from VPX and Musclegen Research.
  • 3rd place: Penpraghai Tianghgok received $1,500 and trophy from Animal and Laura’s Lean.
  • 4th place: Brittany Watts received $1,000 and a trophy from Jan Tana and PROSUPPS.
  • 5th place: Margita Zamolova received $1,000 and a trophy from the Columbus Dispatch and MFIT SUPPS.
  • 6th place: Ashley Radiance Fuller received $500 and a trophy from Best Bar Ever and Body Fortress.

2019 Competitors

Bridgett Annett
MayLa Ash
Candice Carr
Mariko Cobbs
Natalia Abraham Coelho
Robin Connell
Antoinette Downie
Lenka Ferencukova
Jeannie Feldman
Ashley Radiance Fuller
Caroline Gaume
Mirea Henriquez
Sheronica Henton

Candrea Judd-Adams
Jodi Lyons
Robyn Mays
Liudmila Mikhailovskaia
Valentina Mishina
Clarissa Rafanan
Lauren Rutan
Diana Schnaidt
Penpraghai Tianghgok
Brittany Watts
Margita Zamolova


2015: Juliana Malacarne
2016: Autumn Swansen
2017: Daniely Castilho
2018: Shanique Grant
2019: Natalia Coelho