Women's Physique

Chicago's Grant Takes Home Title

Shanique Grant of Chicago, Ill., received the champion’s trophy from Arnold Schwarzenegger and $5,000, a Tony Nowak Official Champions Jackets and congratulations from Catherine Colle of Midway Labs USA and Eric Hillman of Europa Sports.

The remainder of the Women’s Physique International top six:

  • 2nd place: Natalia Coelho received $2,000 and a trophy from Jan Tana and Iso-Sport.
  • 3rd place: Margita Zamolova received $1,500 and trophy from Animal and MET-RX.
  • 4th place: Michaela Aycock received $1,000 and a trophy from the Columbus Dispatch and PROSUPPS.
  • 5th place: Kira Neuman received $1,000 and a trophy from VPX and Grunt Style.
  • 6th place: Priscila Cavilha received $500 and a trophy from Body Fortress and EAS.

2018 Competitors

Michaela Aycock
Karolina Borkovcova
Priscila Cavilha
Cinzia Clapp
Mariko Cobbs
Natalia Coelho
Suzanne Davis
Laura Hays
Shanique Grant
Donna Jones
Katie Lee
Essence Monet

Liz Montalbano
Geraldine Morgan
Kira Neuman
Claudia DeLeon Pardo
Donna Pohl
Diana Schnaidt
Leah Sohn
Mikaila Soto
Casey Stone
Ashley Wagner
Margita Zamolova
Laura Zuniga


2015: Juliana Malacarne
2016: Autumn Swansen
2017: Daniely Castilho
2018: Shanique Grant