Krazy Martial Athletics

Open to all styles! The tournament is available for kids, teens and adults, both male and female! Krazy Martial Athletics brings a new style of MMA to the martial arts and fitness in a controlled manner. The program and divisions are designed for competitors, young and old, men and women, to compete as The Complete Martial Artist (book in stores now, written by Willie “The Bam” Johnson) as mentioned in Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

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Point MMA Krazy Athletics also includes the following competitive fitness divisions separating for the sparring component:

Krazy Martial Athletic Fitness Challenge
Push yourself to the limit with five, timed, 1 minute challenges. How many can you do in a minute?

* Tuck Jumps
* Cannonball (burpees)
* Push-Ups
* Squat, Front Kicks
* Sit-ups

The Warrior Mindset Obstacle Course
The completion of each challenge in the obstacle course leans on the successful engagement of the counter, producing accurate numbers.

* Battle Rope Alternating Wave
* Striking and Tire Flip
* Over-The-Shoulder Heavy Bag Throw with Burpee
* Ladder Pushups and Squat Kicks
* Mountain-Climber Sliders

A Call 2 Action Martial Arts Talent Competition
Competitors have a chance to win by competing in up to four divisions. The Time limit is one minute per category per division. You may choose Empty Hand, Weapons or Both! The four Divisions are:

* Stunts
* Forms
* Freestyle
* Screen Fighting