Keeping with the theme of bigger and better, the now four-day Arnold Weightlifting Championships will once again present Olympic Weightlifting during the 2021 Arnold Sports Festival.

Led by Chairman Mark Cannella, Head Coach & President of Columbus Weightlifting, the Arnold (as the meet is commonly known) will showcase world class lifting as it has since 2003. Competitions will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

The Arnold Weightlifting Championships will again be held in the Union Station Ballroom at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

As always, Master’s, Open and Junior/Youth lifters will be honored as these are the lifters that truly drive this meet to bigger heights.

All lighter weight divisions to heavy weight divisions starting Thursday to Sunday.

As always, we hope to showcase Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first passion, Olympic lifting, by providing a world class environment for our athletes to perform their best.

Last year we had some really big lifts approaching 400 pounds in the Snatch and almost 500 pounds in the clean & jerk.

Please visit www.columbusweightlifting.org for more information.