Armlifting, the sport that combines testing grip strength with overall body strength, made its debut at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2019 on the Concourse Hall stage. The sport began in 2000 as a Rolling Thunder World Championships held in conjunction with strongman competitions and has grown around the world, sprouting several International sanctioning bodies with thousands of competitors.

The Arnold Armlifting Championships has women's, men's middleweight and men's heavyweight divisions.  All athletes compete in the Rolling Thunder, Apollon's Axle Double Overhand Deadlift, and the Silver Bullet.

This event is hosted by Riccardo Magni and is sanctioned by Armlifting USA, the premier organization for Armlifting competitions in the Western Hemisphere.

The format of the competition is simple. Competitors will attempt to lift the most weight possible.  The prestige of the Arnold Sports Festival has drawn the sport's top men and women from around the world including competitors from Russia, Germany, Greece, Canada, Great Britain, and the United States.