Scottish Highland Games

The Indoor Scottish Highland Games return to the Arnold Sports Festival in 2021 inside the Arnold Fitness EXPO at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Scottish Highland Games Amateur Championships

Thirty-five athletes will compete in four divisions in Hall A of the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Men's Masters (Friday morning)
Men's Open (Friday afternoon)
Women's Open (Saturday morning)
Men's Lightweight (Saturday afternoon)

Scottish Highland Games Professional Team Championships

See traditional Scottish Highland Games Heavy Events in a new way, as the athletes are divided into teams to compete for the Donald Dinnie Trophy.

Featuring the top heavy events men and women athletes in the U.S. including:

*World Champion and holder of 8 world records Spencer Tyler
*Four time women’s World Champion Adriane Wilson
*2018 World Champion and current American Champion Chuck Kasson
*The number one ranked woman in the U.S. Elissa Hapner

The teams will compete in five events, including the always exciting caber toss. The team names are a nod to classic Arnold cinema roles: The Terminators, The Predators and The Barbarians.

The professional division champion will be awarded a specially-made bronze trophy of legendary Scottish Strongman Donald Dinnie. Dinnie won the Scottish Highland Games 21 straight years from 1856-1876 and is recognized as the 19th century's greatest athlete. First, second and third place finishers in each division will receive specially-made trophies.


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