WAKSC World Championship and WKSF Team USA 2020 Qualifier

The Arnold Sports Festival has been a cornerstone competition for AKA Kettlebell competitions. In this international competition the strongest lifters from around the world will go head to head to compete for the top spot. We will be welcoming lifters and clubs from Canada, Russia, Australia, Ukraine, Poland, and more.

2020 Highlights
*WAKSC World championships
*GS Planet Kettlebell FACE-OFF International Fight
*IKMF Marathon events
*Vintage Strength Competition
*Kettlebell Juggling

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The event will also be the official qualifier for Team USA to represent at WKSF and IKMF World Championships. The strongest athletes will have the chance to earn cash prizes from our sponsors at Kettlebell Kings, Mobility sticks, GS Planet, Ultra Human Performance, VIKN Chalk, and Isagenix.

Event Schedule

Friday, March 6
Biathlon 10min, Long Cycle 5min, Snatch 10min, Jerk Only 10 min. GSPlanet FACE-OFF 

Saturday, March 7
Biathlon 5min, Long Cycle 10min, Snatch 5min, Jerk only 5 min. GSPlanet FACE-OFF

Sunday, March 8
Marathon, Half Marathon, GSPlanet FACE-OFF final, Vintage Strength Games. 
Weigh in: Begin on Thursday night, and you can weigh in every night before your lift.

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