#ArnoldStatue Photo Contest

The #ArnoldStatue Photo Contest will return in 2019.

Take a photo with the Arnold Statue outside the Greater Columbus Convention Center, post to INSTAGRAM and tag your photo with #ArnoldStatue. Your post that is tagged with #ArnoldStatue will be re-posted to the @TheArnoldStatue Instagram account.

MOST LIKES will be determined on the Instagram post that is re-posted on the @TheArnoldStatue Instagram Account. Encourage your friends, family and fans to LIKE your photo on the @TheArnoldStatue Instagram Account.

Photos must be posted to INSTAGRAM between Tuesday, February 26  and Saturday, March 2 to be eligible to win. Photo with the MOST LIKES on the Instagram post on the @TheArnoldStatue Instagram account will win a PHOTO WITH ARNOLD at Noon Sunday, March 3. Winner will be announced at 9 a.m. Sunday, March 3.

Contact Brent LaLonde at brent@arnoldexpo.com with questions.