Kearney Wins Arnold Pro Strongman Australia, Earns Spot In 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic

March 18, 2019

Rob Kearney of Massachusetts scored the biggest victory of his professional strongman career with a wire-to-wire victory at the Arnold Australia Pro Strongman contest at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival in Melbourne, Australia,

Kearney, who won the Log Press World Championships in 2016, beat a 12-man field that included four who competed in the 2019 Arnold  Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio in March.

Matjaz Belsak of Slovenia finished second.

Belsak trailed Kearny by .5 point going in the final event, the Atlas Stones, but Belsak scored three stones while Kearney raised four to secure the victory. None of the 12 were able to complete all five stones, which ranged from 170kg to 225kg.

“I thought coming in that I could get on the podium because the events were good for me,” Kearney said. “But these guys are so good and you never know who is going to show up.”

Kearney joins 2019 Arnold Strongman champ Hafthor Bjornsson and 2019 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Champion.

Arnold Australia Pro Strongman Results

1. Rob Kearney (USA)
2. Matjaz Belsak (Slovenia)
3. Rauno Heinla (Estonia)
4. Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia)
5. Eddie Williams (Australia)
6. Jerry Pritchett (USA)
7. Jimmy Paquet (Canada)
8. Dyland Lockard (USA)
9. Jitse Kramer (USA)
10.Rongo Keene (New Zealand)
11. Jean Stephen Coraboeuf (Australia)
12. Matt Selves (Australia)

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