Harold 'King Kong' Kelley

Division: IFBB Pro Wheelchair

Turned Pro: 2011

Height / Weight: / 180 lbs.

Age: 47

Location: Irving, TX USA

Harold "King Kong" Kelley has won the Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair competition three years in a row.  He injured his spine in a car accident but, having already earned a pro card as an abled body bodybuilder he decided to stay with it.  He strives to be an inspiration and to motivate others.  He Incourages others to keep pushing, never to give up, work with what you have, not to dwell on what you don't have and to always stay positive, focused and faithful no matter how harsh your situation may be.

Past Results

Event Place
2018 Europa Dallas Pro Wheelchair 1
2018 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair 1
2017 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair 1
2016 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair 1
Harold 'King Kong' Kelley