Harold 'King Kong' Kelley

Division: IFBB Pro Wheelchair

Turned Pro: 2011

Height / Weight: / 180 lbs.

Age: 50

Location: Irving, TX USA

A dominant force in the wheelchair bodybuilding division Harold "King Kong" Kelley has won the Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair competition three years in a row and won every competition, save one, he’s ever entered. 

Kelley was a notable pro bodybuilder before his car accident which occurred in 2007 when he swerved to avoid some deer, lost control, and hit a tree pinching his T11 and T12 vertebrae paralyzing him from the waist down.

A gym manager, it only took Kelley two months after the accident to return to the gym.  He wanted to test himself and see what he could do and could not do.  Legs were always his favorite part to train.  He found new parts to focus on in his back and overall symmetry.

Kelley began his comeback with a middleweight win at the 2010 NPC USA Wheelchair Championships.  The following year he won the first ever IFBB Pro Wheelchair Championships title.

His wife, who is also a competitor, has been hugely supportive helping with meal planning, promotion and also training together which is what makes their team so strong.

He continually strives to be an inspiration, motivating others with his relentless drive to succeed and positive attitude.

Past Results

Event Place
2020 Olympia Wheelchair 1
2020 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair 1
2019 Olympia Wheelchair 1
2019 Europa Dallas Pro Wheelchair 1
2019 Arnold Pro Men's Wheelchair 1
2018 Olympia Wheelchair Pro 1
2018 Europa Dallas Pro Wheelchair 1
2018 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair 1
2017 Europa Dallas Pro Wheelchair 1
2017 Toronto Pro Wheelchair 1
2017 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair 1
2016 Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair 1
2015 Europa Dallas Pro Wheelchair 1
2015 Toronto Pro Wheelchair 1
2014 Europa Dallas Pro Wheelchair 3
2013 Houston Pro Wheelchair 1
2012 Houston Pro Wheelchair 1
2011 Houston Pro Wheelchair 1
Harold 'King Kong' Kelley