Cedric 'The One' McMillan

Division: IFBB Pro Bodybuilding

Turned Pro: 2009

Height / Weight: 6-1 / 280 lbs

Age: 44

Location: Heath Springs, South Carolina USA

Cedric McMillan won the Arnold Classic in 2017 notching the career-defining victory that has long eluded the popular IFBB Pro League veteran.  McMillan finished second to Kai Greene in 2016 and finished in the top 6 in Columbus in each of the past four years.

As a child, Cedric McMillan used to draw comic books using the images of bodybuilders as a guide to draw the muscles for his super-heroes. All he ever talked about was muscles. One day after watching Conan the Barbarian, he turned to his momma and said, “I want to be a muscleman when I grow up.” 

Prior to his big win at the Arnold Classic McMillan built his formidable physique, one that Arnold himself favors, after more than 10 years of competitions.  After High School McMillan served in the U.S. Army where he learned even more about pushing the limits of the human body.

McMillan won the first amateur competition he entered, and his pro card came a few years into a dominating amateur career. He now has notched 5 pro wins and even got to meet his idol Arnold.  He told the story about wanting to be a muscleman when he grew up during his victory speech at the 2017 Arnold Classic.  Mission accomplished.

Past Results

Event Place
2020 Arnold Classic 6
2019 Japan Pro Men's Bodybuilding 2
2019 Romania Muscle Fest Pro Men's Bodybuilding 1
2019 FitParade Pro Bodybuilding 1
2019 Olympia 7
2019 Arnold Classic Australia 2
2019 Arnold Classic 4
2018 Olympia 9
2018 Toronto Pro 3
2018 Arnold Classic 3
2017 Olympia 10
2017 Arnold Classic 1
2016 Olympia 7
2016 Arnold Classic Australia 2
2016 Arnold Classic 2
2015 Nordic Pro 3
2015 Europa Atlantic City Pro 2
2015 Golden State Pro 1
2015 Arnold Classic South America 2
2015 Arnold Classic 4
2014 Arnold Classic 3
2013 Olympia 12
2013 New York Pro 12
2013 FIBO Power Germany 1
2013 Arnold Classic 6
2012 New York Pro 1
2011 Europa Orlando Pro 1
2011 New York Pro 11
2010 Europa Dallas Pro 4
2009 NPC National Championships 1
2008 NPC Junior USA Championships 1
Cedric 'The One' McMillan

Photo Credit: Gary Phillips