Justine Munro

Division: IFBB Pro Bikini

Turned Pro: 2010

Height / Weight: 5-8 / 133 lbs

Age: 33

Location: Toronto, Canada

Justine Munro never saw herself in a bikini and heels onstage as she always thought of herself as more of a tom boy.  While working out at the gym she met a personal trainer who told her about competing in bikini and she later decided to give it a try.

Before this point in her life Munro was always seen by her family and closest friends as someone who never finished anything.  They didn’t take her seriously until she walked up on that stage for the first time.  Munro was very proud that her whole family was there to cheer her on and she won the show. 

The win gave Munro a new outlook on life, proving what she was capable of if she put everything into accomplishing her goal. 

Munro has been a strong Pro Bikini competitor since earning her pro card in 2010 winning first, second or third place in thirteen competitions along her seven-year journey.

Past Results

Event Place
2020 Bikini International 14
2017 Arnold Classic Australia Bikini 8
2017 Arnold Classic Bikini 6
2016 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini 3
2016 Arnold Classic Australia Bikini 3
2016 Arnold Classic Bikini 2
2015 Nordic Pro Bikini 2
2015 Olympia Bikini 8
2015 Arnold Classic Bikini 2
2014 Arnold Classic Bikini 10
2013 Orange County Muscle Classic Bikini 2
2012 Prague Pro Bikini 1
2012 Houston Pro Bikini 2
2012 Olympia Bikini 8
2012 St. Louis Pro Bikini 1
2012 Greater Gulf Pro Bikini 2
2012 Toronto Pro Bikini 6
2012 Musclecontest.com Pro Bikini 2
2011 Olympia Bikini 10
2011 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini 10
2011 Arnold Classic Bikini 8
2010 CBBF Canadian National Championships Bikini 1
Justine Munro