Angelica Teixeira

Division: IFBB Pro Bikini

Turned Pro: 2015

Height / Weight: 5'4 / 118 lbs

Age: 36

Location: Bergenfield, New Jersey USA

Angelica Teixeira, a native of Brasil, won the Bikini International for the second straight year at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival.  Her win streak now stands at an impressive seven events in a row including three straight Bikini Olympia titles. 

Since turning pro in 2015, Teixeira has dominated the bikini division accumulating an impressive ten, 1st place finishes.

Teixeira grow up in Brasil seeing fit women on TV and at the beaches every day, it was easy for her to be inspired.  Teixeira started weight training at a gym at 18 years old adding some muscle to her physique and she’s been training ever since. 

When Teixeira moved to the United States her biggest challenge was learning English.  It took her five years to teach herself from watching TV and talking with others.  She then went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in physical education. 

When she is not competing and being a spokesperson for the sport she enjoys being a personal trainer, often squeezing in client workouts between her own sets.

Past Results

Event Place
2020 Olympia Bikini 4
2020 Battle of Texas Pro Bikini 1
2020 Bikini International 2
2019 Olympia Bikini 3
2018 Asian Grand Prix Pro Bikini 1
2018 Olympia Bikini 1
2018 Arnold Classic Australia Bikini 1
2018 Bikini International 1
2017 Olympia Bikini 1
2017 Arnold Classic Australia Bikini 1
2017 Arnold Classic Bikini 1
2016 Olympia Bikini 2
2016 New York Pro Bikini 1
2016 Salt City Showdown Pro Bikini 1
2016 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini 1
2016 Arnold Classic Bikini 4
2015 Olympia Bikini 31
2015 NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Bikini C 1
Angelica Teixeira