Zane Watson

Division: IFBB Pro 212 Bodybuilding

Turned Pro: 2014

Height / Weight: 5-7 / 212 lbs.

Age: 33

Location: Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Zane Watson was born into bodybuilding as his mother and father both competed in Canadian competitions throughout his childhood.

His father started training him at 15 years old and still does today.  Training in the gym his father built in the back yard every day.  As Zane’s physique improved he started looking to compete on stage. 

After getting caught up with the wrong crowd Zane developed a drug problem and was jailed for 6 months.  Now clean, he and his father got back to work training.

Zane had a very successful amateur career winning all but one contest.  He won his pro card in just four years.

His first outing as a pro was disappointing with a 13th placing in Toronto.  He trained even harder and won first place at the following year’s event and qualified to compete at the 2015 Mr. Olympia.

Zane is inspired by fellow Canadian, Ben Pakulski, specifically his scientific approach to bodybuilding, and has trained with him on several occasions.  Also, Dorian Yates because they share the same high intensity approach to training.

Past Results

Event Place
2019 Olympia 212 12
2019 Tampa Pro 212 2
2019 Vancouver Pro 212 1
2019 Chicago Pro 212 5
2018 Olympia 212 12
2018 Toronto Pro Men's 212 1
2018 New York Pro 212 2
2017 Arnold Classic 212 5
2016 Toronto Pro 212 2
2015 Europa Phoenix Pro 212 6
2015 Olympia 212 16
2015 Toronto Pro 212 1
2014 Toronto Pro 212 13
2013 CBBF Canadian National Championships 1
Zane Watson

Photo Credit: MK