Volunteers are indispensable to the success of the Arnold Sports Festival. Each year, the Festival comes to life through an expansive corps of more than 1,500 volunteers. We would like to invite you to volunteer with us again at the Arnold Sports Festival 2019. Energetic, friendly volunteers are needed for ticket/wristband exchange, the Pump and Run event and for the Hamster Ball Races at the Arnold SportsWorld Kids and Teens EXPO. 
Ticket/Wristband Exchange Ambassadors
Ticket/wristband exchange ambassadors will be stationed at Festival entrances greeting people from all around the world exchanging their EXPO ticket for their EXPO wristband. This is a fast-paced fun opportunity! Ticket/wristband exchange ambassadors must be 15 years of age or older to volunteer.
Pump and Run Volunteer
The Arnold 5K Pump and Run, which tests overall fitness by measuring both strength and endurance, is the largest race of its kind in the United States. Athletes from more than 30 states participated in the 2016 5K Pump and Run. In the competition, participants bench press a percentage of their body weight. Each lift (up to a max of 30) reduces their 5K run time by 30 seconds. Volunteers will be stationed at 15 benches to assist with adding and removing weights for athletes based on a formula provided by Pump and Run Chairman. Encourage athletes on your bench to be the best and reach maximum reps to reduce run times.  Must have basic knowledge of the bench press and be able to lift 45 pound plates. 
Kids Festival Hamster Ball Race Attendants
The 5th Annual Arnold SportsWorld Kids and Teens EXPO is a two-day celebration of sports and fitness designed for families with children and teens of all ages. The EXPO will feature a variety of sport demonstrations, instruction, competitions, entertainment and exhibit booths featuring youth related products and services. Volunteers are needed to assist children/parents with waiver forms, running hamster ball races and assisting children get in/out of the hamster balls.