Fitness International

Oksana Grishina Wins Fitness International For Fourth Straight Year

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Oksana Grishina of North Hollywood, Calif., won the prestigious Fitness International for the fourth straight year, then immediately told Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that the competition was her last on the Arnold Classic stage. Grishina, though, did not announce her retirement. Grishina received the champion’s trophy from Arnold, a $25,000 check, a Tony Nowak Official Champions Jacket and congratulations from Jeff Howe of Optimum Nutrition and Catherine Colle of Midway Labs USA.

The remainder of the Fitness International top six:

  • 2nd place: Regiane Da Silva of Germany, received $13,000 and a trophy from Ultimate Nutrition and ROGUE Fitness.
  • 3rd place: Whitney Jones of Chandler, Ariz., received $8,000 and a trophy from Muscle & Fitness Magazine and Quest Nutrition.
  • 4th place: Bethany Wagner of Somerset, N.J., received $5,000 and a trophy from Nutrex and The Columbus Dispatch. 5th place: Fiona Harris of Canada received $3,000 and a trophy from Gold’s Gym and Ricart Automotvie.
  • 6th place: Ariel Khadr of Miam, Fla., received $2,000 and a trophy from Laura’s Lean Beef and Allmax.

2017 Comptetitors

Marta Aguiar
Tiffany Chandler
Regiane Da Silva
Kristine Duba
Missy Farrell
Fiona Harris
Oksana Grishina

Whitney Jones
Ariel Khadr
Dominique Matthews
Ashley Sebera
Rebecca Sizemore
Aurika Tyrgale
Bethany Wagner

Fitness International Champions

1994: Carol Lynn Semple
1995: Carol Lynn Semple
1996: Alexandra Beres
1997: Carol Semple-Marzetta
1998: Susie Curry
1999: Susie Curry
2000: Kelly Ryan
2001: Jenny Worth
2002: Susie Curry
2003: Susie Curry
2004: Adela Garcia
2005: Jen Hendershott

2006: Adela Garcia
2007: Kimberly Klein
2008: Kimberly Klein
2009: Jen Hendershott
2010: Adela Garcia
2011: Adela Garcia
2012: Adela Garcia
2013: Tanji Johnson
2014: Oksana Grishina
2015: Oksana Grishina
2016: Oksana Grishina
2017: Oksana Grishina