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IFBB Pro League

Bikini International

Bikini International winner Jennifer Dorie posing on stage with the trophy.

2022 Competitors

Maureen Blanquisco (USA)
Lauralie Chapados (Canada)
Lauren Dannenmiller (USA)
Alessia Facchin (Italy)
Phoebe Hagan (United Kingdom)
Ashley Kaltwasser (USA)
Jourdanne Lee (USA)
Lucia Malavaze (USA)
Elisa Pecini (Brasil)
Danielle Phelps (USA)
Allison Testu (France)

Bikini International Champions

2011: Nicole Nagrani
2012: Sonia Gonzalez
2013: India Paulino
2014: Ashley Kaltwasser
2015: Ashley Kaltwasser
2016: India Paulino
2017: Angelica Teixeira
2018: Angelica Teixeira
2019: Janet Layug
2020: Elisa Pecini
2021: Jennifer Dorie

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Saturday, Mar 05
Columbus Convention Center
Battelle Grand

Saturday, Mar 05
Columbus Convention Center
Battelle Grand

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