Arnold Pro Strongwoman

The fourth-annual Arnold Pro Strongwoman event will be held March 6-7 at the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus. The world’s top Strongwomen have qualified to compete for cash prizes and the Katie Sandwina Trophy.

Arnold Pro Strongwoman became the first major women’s professional Strongwoman contest in the world when it was held at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival. The ground-breaking competition is produced by Dione Masters of Strongman Corporation.

Amateur Strongwomen divisions have been since 2015 at the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships held at the Arnold Sports Festival. The popularity of the competitions and the impressive accomplishments of Strongwomen led to the establishment the Pro Strongwoman division and the creation of Arnold Pro Strongwoman.

Strongman Corporation also produces the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships in addition to hundreds of professional and amateur events worldwide each year. Strongman Corporation produced the world’s first women’s pro Strongwoman event in August 2016 in Jacksonville, Fla.

“The sports of Strongman continues to grow by leaps and bounds, but some of the fastest growth recently has been in Strongwoman contests,” said Dione Wessels, CEO and President of Strongman Corporation. “The time is right to elevate the best Strongwomen in the world to professional status and give them a platform to compete.”


Olga Liaschuck (Ukraine)
Danielle Vaji (USA)
Anna Harrjapaa (Sweden)
Lucia Del Noci (Australia)
Rhianon Lovelace (South Africa)
Jessica Fithen (USA)
Brooke Sousa (USA)
Britteny Cornelius (USA)
Bailey Duschene (Canada)
Jessica Theaker (Canada)
Christina Bangma (USA)

2020 Events

Friday, March 6 9:30-11 a.m. @ Rogue Strength Stage
Rogue Dumbbell Clean & Press Press
500 Pound Tire Flip

Friday, March 6 Noon-1 p.m. @ Strongman Arena
Rogue Yoke Walk & Farmers Carry Medley

Saturday, March 7 12:30-2:30 p.m. @ Rogue Strength Stage
Tire Deadlift
Last Woman Standing Atlas Stone Over Bar 

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2017: Leifia Ingalls (USA)
2018: Donna Moore (United Kingdom)
2019: Olga Liaschuck (Ukraine)

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