USA Powerlifting

The Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships will return to the Arnold Sports Festival for an 14th straight year in 2021.

USA Powerlifting (USAPL), based in Anchorage, Alaska, has more than 22,000 members who compete in an organization committed to drug-free competitions throughout the United States. The group is also the only U.S. member of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), the oldest and largest governing body for the sport of powerlifting. The IPF, founded in 1971, has members in more than 100 countries.

Dr. Larry Maile, President of USA Powerlifting, said, “USA Powerlifting is thrilled to return to the Arnold Sports Festival for our 11th year. Once again, we will showcase many of the world’s elite lifters as they compete in the benchpress, deadlift and squat.  Watch as the best athletes go head-to-head in competition and watch as they attempt breaking World Records!”

2020 USA Powerlifting paid out $42,000 in prize monies to our Pro Athletes at the Arnold!  Watch them compete again in 2020 for the Gold, the American and World Records and cash payouts!

More information will be posted soon.


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